PASTA made with Primitivo wine.

Italians love pasta, they eat pasta almost every day!  There are  hundreds of  different pasta shapes on the market. Italians feel strongly about certain pasta shapes being paired with certain sauces, for example Italians do NOT eat spaghetti bolognese, the bolognese meat sauce is served with tagliatelle not spaghetti. It will take a while to understand which shapes of pasta go with each sauce.  In Puglia the homemade orecchiette pasta is made with farina di semola (durum wheat flour) and water, in northern Italy pasta made with eggs or filled pasta is very popular. Pasta can be quick, simple, healthy, nutritious and versatile.  An example of some fresh pasta I make here at Villa Magnolia, made with Farina di Semola and Primitivo wine, served with a creamy walnut and gorgonzola sauce, perfect  comfort food on a  winter day. Viva la Pasta!
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