Taking care of the land

Taking care of the land
flowers and almond trees
Fruit trees

There is something magical about being surrounded by land, a land that keeps on giving.

Can you ever have too much land?  We have  8 acres (33,000 square meters) of land, upon which are two houses. The XVIII Noble Villa (where our guests stay) and the converted stable (our comfy home). Part of the land is swimming pool and gardens, the rest is farmland with 90 huge ancient olive trees, 100 almond trees, a variety of fruit trees, grape vines, citrus grove and our organic vegetable patch. There are hedges to trim, grass to cut, trees to prune, flowers to plant and water, the list is endless. Fortunately most of the farmland is looked after by a local farmer (in exchange for a portion of the organic olive oil produced). The farmer frequently tills the land, prunes the almond and olive trees and harvests them too. We look after the grape vines, citrus grove, vegetable patch and the rest of the fruit trees, magnolia trees, 4 precious palm trees and the gardens..it is a huge task.

This is our life,  as seasons change so does the workload, spring is a  busy time of year.  Pretty flowers have been planted, hedges trimmed, weeds removed (for now), plus we managed to retrieve plenty of organic mulch from the pruning of our trees. Pesticide is never used on our land, we compost all organic food waste, mulch wood cuttings and turn the ash from our wood burner back into the land. Our vegetable garden is organic and very fertile, we never have a shortage of fresh seasonal vegetables. I wouldn’t change this life for city living, there is something magical about being surrounded by land, a land that keeps on giving.