Tiramisu = lift me up!


Tiramisu, a well known Italian classic dessert, however, it only dates back to the 1960’s, most likely from northern Italy. There aren’t many dessert recipes originating from Puglia, as cakes and desserts were only available for special occasions. The locals eat fresh seasonal fruit,  dried figs and almonds for their dessert, certainly a much healthier option, although every now and they do indulge!

The Tiramisu I make here at Villa Magnolia is always alcohol enriched. Villa Magnolia is an adult only luxury B&B, so I’m not worried about the alcohol content of my tiramisu, although if requested I  am happy to make alcohol & nut free versions too.   I make tiramisu with my  homemade Coffee liqueur (like Kahlua), or Amaretto, I also like to vary the topping, sometimes cocoa powder,  grated dark chocolate or roasted almond slivers.

Come and stay at http://www.villamagnoliaitaly.com, maybe you’ll get a chance to taste my tiramisu!








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