Travellers expect more!

Travel and hospitality industry is not the easiest business to be in. Expectations are high, it’s not just about sun, sea and some sightseeing. Travel industry is  never-ending and continually changing. In order to stand out, travel marketers must create moments of human relevance and authenticity in unexpected places. Travellers want to ‘experience’ their destination, they  want to have life-fulfilling experiences, and they are seeking travel experiences that closely align to their own personal values.The nature of the travel experience is impacted by the destination.  According to top advisors, the most-booked destinations remain the same year after year. Italy is by far the most popular!

Once the consumer has decided the destination, the real experience starts, so come to Puglia and immerse yourself in this Food and Wine 4 day extravaganza! Suitable for couples.


2016 Dates: June 7th to 11th or September 8th to 12th 2016

Contact info@villamagnoliaitaly for detailed itinerary and price.

1)Light lunch, aperitivo. Hands on cooking class, 4 course dinner with wine pairing.
2)Breakfast, wine tour wine tasting and lunch. Afternoon Limoncello making class.
3)Breakfast Tour and watch local cheesemaker make mozzarella. Fun packed Pizza making evening 3 course dinner (wines included).
4)Breakfast, afternoon Bruschetta served al fresco with Prosecoo, Pizzica dancers show by the pool! Amazing organic dinner at a Masseria, 8 courses with wine pairings.


A holiday is the chance of a lifetime to return home with lasting memories, let us help create yours.





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