A wine exclusive to PUGLIA!

My favourite wine ‘Susumaniello‘,  currently grown only in Puglia, in a tiny number of vineyards around Brindisi, it ranks among the world’s rarest wine grapes. Locals tell me that Susumaniello is an ancient grape, and is making a strong ‘come back’.  As is the case with so many Italian wine grapes, Susumaniello’s name has an interesting history. It is derived from somarello meaning “donkey”, presumably because – just like the donkeys once used for transporting the grape harvest, this high-yielding variety is capable of bearing remarkably heavy loads.The grapes from these vines after about 10 years, make dense, full-bodied wines.  It has historically partnered with Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera in the red and rosato wines of Brindisi, and has been prized for its ability to add color, acidity and alcohol to the final blend.
Susumaniello   100% Puglian wine, is bright, ruby red with flavors of tart red cherry, black cherry, blackberry and plum fruit along with some smoky chocolate.  The wine is elegant, fresh, relatively uncomplicated and simply delicious!


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