Wine time? Wine Tuesday is the new Wine Wednesday (at least until tomorrow).


One of the best ways to discover Puglia’s wines for yourself is to sample them at your leisure, ideally take a tour of the vineyards and cantina’s  participate in a few wine tastings then bring your favorite wines back to the Villa, enjoy them anytime during your stay here at!
is “the heel” of the boot of peninsular Italy. It is bordered by both the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, giving it one of the longest coastlines of any region in Italy. Puglia is also one of the most fertile regions in all of Italy. Olive trees, wheat, vines, fruits and vegetables cover the territory of Puglia like a colorful patchwork. Most visitors to Italy are not familiar with this region, or the wonderful food and wines on offer. Puglia where some of the best Italian wines come from. Most Puglia wine is red, full-bodied and will pair well with a wide variety of foods. Producers in Puglia have focused on making great red wines like ; Primitivo di Manduria, Nero di Troia, Negroamaro, Aglianico, Susumaniello, Malvasia Nera, Aleatico, Bombino Nero,  Salice Salentino.
White wines;  Fiano Minutolo, Moscato, Bombino Bianco, Verdeca, Greco di Tufo.

Remember, if one glass of wine is good for you imagine what a whole bottle can do!


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