Artichokes in Puglia


As mentioned in a previous post, I arrived in  Puglia many years ago, it was winter and my mother in law was fond of artichokes  she cooked them in a variety of ways. I had never eaten one until I came to Puglia, truth be known back then I didn’t know what they were!  At first I really didn’t like artichokes, but as time went by I began to enjoy eating them. Artichokes are grown abundantly in Puglia, they are one of the tastiest vegetables around this time of year. Not only good to eat, this diuretic vegetable is good for you. Artichoke has excellent nutritional value, aids digestion, strengthens the liver, the gall bladder, and reduces cholesterol levels, which diminishes the risk for arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. There are many many ways of  using artichokes, in risottos, with pasta and stuffed artichokes, fried artichokes and frittata.  VIVA IL CARCIOFO!

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