Mother in law’s meatballs

It was my ex mother in law who taught me to cook Pugliese food, she insisted I learnt how to look after her ‘precious son’. One of the first lessons was how to make meatballs for Sunday lunch.  A handful of breadcrumbs, a handful of grated pecorino, a mix of ground  beef and pork (circa 200g), a crushed garlic clove, some parsley, an egg salt and pepper (quanto basta). OK you’re probably saying how much is a handful? Well MIL never weighed anything she just went ‘ad occhio’. I also learnt a few of her secrets eg; add a little milk to the meatball mixture and the meatballs will be soft and melt in your mouth. Most of the time she would fry the little meatballs, sometimes she would place them  to cook directly in the tomato sauce (ragu), this is how I like to cook them nowadays as I try to keep away from too much fried food.



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