Why Puglia?

At one time everyone was going to Tuscany, Venice, Rome on holidays, few had even heard of Puglia. A decade or so later, word got out about the southern Italian region with 1000’s of ancient olive trees, wonderful vineyards offering tastings and tours, the turquoise seas along the Adriatic or the Ionian coast, the unique trulli houses of Alberobello, plenty of quaint villages to explore,


the stunning baroque city of Lecce, fabulous food and some of the best up and coming wines,  these are just a few of the reasons to visit Puglia! All of a sudden, Puglia was proclaimed the New Tuscany,  no I will re-phrase that as Puglia cannot possibly compare to Tuscany, Puglia’s charm is in its authenticity. Puglia  supplies the north with almost all their needs: olive oil,wine, flour, cheeses, vegetables, fruits. Puglia’s mild climate and  fertile  land are the backbone of Italian agriculture,  the local farmers  have every reason to be proud!





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